WooCommerce plugin for payments in stablecoins

We develop plugins to enhance the use of stablecoins in e-commerce and make payments in stablecoins seamless to a population accustomed to solutions like Stripe or Paypal.

You can test our solution with our demo of a WooCommerce/Storefront site at MyDemoShop – Demo site of shopping in digital-currencies

If you are looking to developping an e-commerce or marketplace site offering payments in a stablecoin, you can contact me at


Here is a short video demonstrating the use of our widget along different workflows (in-app, app-to-app, device-to-device):

will payment using xDAI be available?


Payment with xDAI on the xDAI chain has been tested and could easily be integrated along current stablecoins on Binance (BUSD, UDST, USDC) and Celo (cUSD).

We would need to better understand the appetite before making such a move.

What potential would you see for payment in xDAI on the xDAI chain?



There is signifcant XDAI use on the xDaiChain; many developers would consider, adopt and promote a simple WooCommerce plugin for xDai payments and purchase once available.

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Hi Jim,

Thank you for your feedback. Adoption and promotion would mean a lot to us.

To understand a bit more what could work best for everyone. Do you think that a WooCommerce plugin would be the best answer (meaning people would provide some sort of catalog of products, services,…)? Or a Wordpress plugin (easy to integrate in any page through let’s say a shortcode) could make more sense?


You would seem to have more flexibility offering a direct WooCommerce plugin first, allowing early adopters to offer anything from single product or services to an entire catalog. Simple Use Case adoption always helps demonstrate an application for others see and adopt. You could then offer a WordPress and other platform specific product to follow.

Thank you for the feedback.

The point is just that building a WooCommerce site, while offering much more benefits (order tracking, management of discounts,…) is implying more investment just to get started. My concern was gaging the appetite the community of xDAI developpers would have to do that and the time they would be ready to spend to structure their offer before seeing a return in actual xDAI payments.

The simple “Pay With PayPal” button has been a great way for them to get their first traction on the marketn. I’m just trying to understand what would be the fastest adoption path for the community of xDAI developpers.


Hard for me to judge the potential in general but I know that xDAI is my preferred stable currency for various reasons. I am not a friend of the major CEX, therefore try to avoid USDT/BUSD, USDC is ok but has a function to block addresses, so on mainchain I use DAI whenever possible. But tx cost on mainchain are too high for small trades/payments that’s why I moved much to xDAI. And if possible to pay for whatever goods using xDAI I would clearly prefer this over other crypto payments or fiat.


Sorry to chip in so late, but what would really work for us is something like the now defunct Kyber Network Woocommerce Plugin.
With it the user could pay in no matter what currency and the shop could receive stablecoin, not incurring in any volatility risk.
Let me know if you guys have come up with something similar @Frederic !

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Thank you for the pointer.

The idea of letting people pay in crypto and swap to a stable coin for the merchant is interesting (we would need to have sufficient liquidity pools though).

At this point, we are still looking at the solutions that will let the distribution of stable coins easy and cheap to drive adoption by a broader public before pushing a bit further. While the Ramp network is providing many aspects of what we think would be necessary, the fees are still too high at this point for retail use cases.