Wpoa from omini bridge not accessible in trust wallet or metamask

I used the omini bridge to swap poa to wpoa in trust wallet, now i cant access the token in either trust wallet or metamask


I have the same issue

I was able to solve this issue, although i had to do a lot of research, but finally i got my coins back

Hi NazYounis, if you need solution let me know

Plz i want
I think i need 2year for get my transfer for matamask
How van i cancelled or do iny thing

@Obiora198 @NazYounis @Arfat_gameing export your Trust Wallet wallet to MetaMask.

Everything about the swap, video and FAQs can be found here:

I exported but metamask created a wallet for wpoa in xdai chain which is different from the wpoa wallet that omni bridge sent my bridged wpoa to, had trace the correct wallet private key and import it to metamask

If you bridge POA from POA Network to WPOA on xDai through OmniBridge you will always end up with: Wrapped POA from POA (WPOA) - xDai - BlockScout