Wrong Transaction, could anyone help me?

I used OmniBridge to transfer ETH from BSC to xDai, and I did not notice that I should change the recipient address, the Transaction Hash: 0x5948e0d648f3028e19146699df2a0e35027905ef1e72af55a857990c3ce202e5

Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

Could anyone help to send the ETH back? Thank you !

Best wishes!

As you can see the tokens arrived to the same account which sent them:

Thank you very much for your answer! But I used the Trust wallet, which did not supported by xDai.

Export your Trust wallet to wallet which supports xDai chain e.g. MetaMask. By doing so you can access the tokens.

Thank you ! I have fixed the problem!

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