xDAI BlockScout NFT token ID page show incomplete history & holders list

when i look at the token ID specific page for any of my NFTs on xDAI BlockScout i only see RECENT history so far as transfers, and an incomplete list of current token holders

for example :


this page only shows 2 token holders and 2 transactions, but it’s a fact i’ve sold 5 of these to different wallets via Unifty.com = the history is not complete.

pages for my other other NFTs / token IDs = the same, only showing recent history and an incomplete list of token holders

needing the complete history / holders list for some NFT swap plans & thinking surely displaying complete history = the intended BlockScout functionality ?

possibly relevant : once did a mass nft distribution to 1600 wallets, so this wallet may have above average transaction history & holder depth


I advise asking about this in the #blockscout channel in Discord: xDai and STAKE That is the most active place.

thanks :pray::sparkles: i will ask there