Xdai blockscout returning 500 errors when using UI to read proxy contracts

The xdai blockscout is unable to read proxy contracts (and perhaps contracts in general). When I try to read my proxy contracts I encounter a 500 server error from blockscout. Here is an example:
for this contract: TransparentUpgradeableProxy (0x6b78d02cd036c0Deb67840bE9B151C1b9903c028) - xDai Explorer
If, for instance, I try to read the “isMerchantSafe” field with the value of “0x00D699d8468DF3d10A61561bDCd2026AD4998b34” using the hardhat console connected to xdai I get the result “true”.

$ npx hardhat --network xdai console
No need to generate any newer typings.
Welcome to Node.js v14.16.1.
Type ".help" for more information.
> MerchantManager = await ethers.getContractFactory('MerchantManager')
> merchantManager = await MerchantManager.attach("0x6b78d02cd036c0Deb67840bE9B151C1b9903c028")
> await merchantManager.isMerchantSafe("0x00D699d8468DF3d10A61561bDCd2026AD4998b34")

However, if I go to this contract in blockscout, and use the Read Proxy tab to issue the same query, there is a 500 server error response from the web server and nothing is returned. From the js console I see:

cgcBX3oBvIFytyfYEkvomieL5eY.js:70 GET 500
g.offline.g.send @ cgcBX3oBvIFytyfYEkvomieL5eY.js:70
send @ smart-contract-helpers-7889d1589324e7f31377619b0beffdcf.js?vsn=d:1
ajax @ smart-contract-helpers-7889d1589324e7f31377619b0beffdcf.js?vsn=d:1
x.each.x.<computed> @ smart-contract-helpers-7889d1589324e7f31377619b0beffdcf.js?vsn=d:1
(anonymous) @ smart-contract-helpers-7889d1589324e7f31377619b0beffdcf.js?vsn=d:1
Promise.then (async)
(anonymous) @ smart-contract-helpers-7889d1589324e7f31377619b0beffdcf.js?vsn=d:1
(anonymous) @ smart-contract-helpers-7889d1589324e7f31377619b0beffdcf.js?vsn=d:1
Promise.then (async)
(anonymous) @ smart-contract-helpers-7889d1589324e7f31377619b0beffdcf.js?vsn=d:1
dispatch @ smart-contract-helpers-7889d1589324e7f31377619b0beffdcf.js?vsn=d:1
g.handle @ smart-contract-helpers-7889d1589324e7f31377619b0beffdcf.js?vsn=d:1
n @ smart-contract-helpers-7889d1589324e7f31377619b0beffdcf.js?vsn=d:1
c @ VM6930 rocket-loader.min.js:1
cgcBX3oBvIFytyfYEkvomieL5eY.js:70 XHR failed loading: GET "".

And when I look at the XHR logs I see a 500 server error returned for this request

That has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for the feedback.

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