xDAI bridge address from contract address to contract address?

Hi everyone, I have been playing around with XDAI over the last few months and really appreciate the use case and possibilities of it.

I am interested if there is any known issues or examples of using the xDAI <> mainnet bridge but going between two contract addresses and not just an account address?

I was wondering if with the combination of CREATE2 or similar techniques you could retrospectively off board users from xDAI to Mainnet into a contract which either is already created under the same address or could then retrospectively be created at a point in time in the future.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Cheers in advance


Hi @jamesmorgan!

I do not recall any report about such kind of issue. The contract could send tokens/xDai and could be a recipient of tokens/xDai.

Awesome thanks for quick reply @akolotov - I will give it ago :+1: