xDai Chain Frequently Asked Questions


What is xDai Chain

xDai Chain is a new network created by POA Network that uses XDai, a representation of Dai on the new network, as its native currency. This means that all transactions and gas costs are done in XDai.

Whats the purpose of creating xDai Chain?

Stable coins that are created on the Ethereum network still rely on Ether to pay for transactions and gas. This is inconvenient for mainstream usage as it means that for a user to pay in a Dai, a stablecoin, they need to also pay Ether to cover the gas. The price of Eth is volatile and the network can be congested which makes the gas prices different from day to day.

With xDai Chain, the user only needs to deal with Dai. With block times of 5 seconds, XDAI can be transferred between different users almost instantly and practically free.

What is the consensus mechanism for xDai Chain?

xDai Chain will be using a Proof of Autonomy consensus mechanism. The same as POA Core and Sokol.

Who are the validators of xDai Chain

xDai Chain validators are independent organizations. They joined this public service voluntarily. They protect the public value of xDai Chain by participation in consensus, governance, interoperability.

Current validators

You can always find a list of validators using Validators dApp here. To connect the dApp to xDai Chain network you should switch the network to xDai Chain. xDai Chain is natively supported in Nifty Wallet or add a custom RPC to MetaMask (https://dai.poa.network , NetworkID 100)

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