xDai chain Transaction to Ethereum Mainnet Adress


I made a mistake.

I have sent xDai to an Ethereum Mainnet address.

How can I undo this?

Thanks for your help.


Do you have an access to the private key of that Ethereum Mainnet (don’t send it here)? If so, you can use it in the xDai chain as well.

I switched ETH to xDai with xdai.io Burner

and then I found out that I wanted this STAKE token and not stablecoins

I am new to crypto and metamask

so I checked where to find STAKE token.

Bitmax the only exchange.

So I created an account there and then used the Ethereum Mainnet address for deposits

I went to Metamask and it said send ether

So I sent all my xDai tokens from the xDai Poa network to an Ethereum address and they never arrived.

Now I don’t know what to do to get my xDai tokens back…

My Public Adress


I hope someone can help me


Sorry to hear about your problem.
If 0x461d73CdF962752c9fD8e44587eF8757C9c1433a is a deposit address on BitMax for STAKE token you should contact BitMax support and ask them to help recover xDai for you.

After they do so, you can use xDai to Dai bridge to bridge your xDai to Ethereum https://dai-bridge.poa.network/
You have to have a small amount of Ether on Ethereum to send Dai further.
I recommend using 1inch.exchange to convert Dai to a token of your choice, e.g. Ether or STAKE

Please let me know if BitMax support can’t help you.

Thank u very much

i´ll try it directly