Xdai deposit to incorrect address

Hello. I made a deposit last night.

Transaction Hash 0xe0c20159a3bdba4ce6de048ad40d4785cfb71eeae601b5f2ad8ffab6d1ac7996

To 0x19ecfa09185a556e21ff79fd667219fff4966df6 was incorrect copy paste. (I have a bnb address that matches this xdai address that pasted when posting the transaction.

Can I provide the correct address for deposit or can this be sent back to my from address?

Do I correctly understand from this part “I have a bnb address that matches this xdai address that pasted when posting the transaction” that you do have access to 0x19ecfa09185a556e21ff79fd667219fff4966df6 ? If yes, just connect your wallet to xDai chain and you are able to access the funds. If 6df6 is an address from a wallet that doesn’t support the xDai chain you can export your wallet to e.g. MetaMask in order to access those funds.

Hello Mojmir. I do not have access to the xdai account this was sent to but my bsc address is the same evidently.

wrong address deposit (xdai) 0x19ecfa09185a556e21ff79fd667219fff4966df6 (no access as not mine)
my bsc address 0x19ecfa09185a556e21ff79fd667219fff4966df6
correct xdai deposit address 0x8401609d642EBa94383FeE2A729D8b7B9832C710

Hey, your address will be the same on all EVM compatible chains. ETH mainnet, BSC, xDai etc.

Just switch to 0x19ecfa09185a556e21ff79fd667219fff4966df6, connect your wallet to xDai chain and sent the tokens where desired.

Can you elborate more how I “switch” to that xdai address?

Switch the network in your wallet to xDai chain. Here are instructions how to set it up: Metamask Setup - xDai

I have Metamask setup for xdai. My address is not showing the 39.99 xdai and the address is 0xFDB0E9892336Ba147F0dCf885D50F0F55dEF7753. How can I change to the 0x19ecfa09185a556e21ff79fd667219fff4966df6 address?

They are there:

Click here, and choose the 0x19ecfa09185a556e21ff79fd667219fff4966df6

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I only show Account 1 (0xFDB0E9892336Ba147F0dCf885D50F0F55dEF7753)

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Import your 0x19ecfa09185a556e21ff79fd667219fff4966df6 wallet in to Metamask! Set the Metmask Setup link above, or check search engines for more information.

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I do not have the private key string to import that account?

I am unaware this my account prior to Mojmir saying it was.

You wrote “my bsc address 0x19ecfa09185a556e21ff79fd667219fff4966df6” if this is your BSC address, then it is also your xDai address as well.

So what address is this (0x19ecfa09185a556e21ff79fd667219fff4966df6) then?

Contract Address 0x19ecfa09185a556e21ff79fd667219fff4966df6 | BscScan

this is my bnb account on bsc aboove on tipcc

this is my bnb tipcc account

my tipcc bsc address

If you don’t own this address and the private key or recovery phrase, there is no way to recover your funds. That’s how blockchain works. Move along, try to learn from the mistake.

Noted. Thanks for your time.