Xdai faucet empty

Hi. Tried to get more xdai but the faucet is empty and not working as it was last week. Does it ever get added to again? Thx.

Faucet is working but it is empty because it is always abused by farmers and drained once there are any funds. You can post your address here and I will send you 0.01 for the start.


Thank you


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Hello, I also need xdai and I’m trying to use the faucet with no luck. Can you send me some to this address: 0x34744503Cd31A65ad2E20Bde9415c46ae1B8Fe4D

I’m trying to deploy a contract.


What faucet are you using and what issue do you experience?

Are you using this one?

hi there, i am trying to get xdai from faucet to start but it says my phone number is wrong which i am pretty sure it is not wrong.

do you have a solution for this problem?

Try this faucet instead: Faucet | Does it work for you?

thank you, it worked for me…

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