Xdai faucet page

hello was wondering if anyone could tell me why i get this message from the faucet “This carrier is prohibited.”

its a legitimate Telus phone number so I am unsure whats up
or is it cause I’m in Canada always get screwed on the good offers lol

Yeah me too… my operator phone is legit Axis and the faucet says “This carrier is prohibited”… here is the screenshot

There are many “carriers” in the TelCom world, some of which do not fully comply with standards. Suggest you try using a phone number from a primary carrier in your Country or region. For Canada, perhaps try Rogers? Also note that many SIP providers cannot provider carrier grade services. Hope this helps!

That is horrible answer I can get. As far as I remember, this operator Axis is still usable yesterday. I got this faucet recommended from my friend. His phone number and mine are from the same operator. How could it be possibel??? I hope developers can upgrade or whitelist operator Axis from indonesia, because it is one of best PRIMARY carrier here with great services.
And thank you for the explanation

telus is our main carrier and they have the best coverage so idk what to say and ya not switching carriers for a couple cents lol

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