xDai from eth mainnet to bsc

Hi there, I’m rather new to the crypto community and tried to move Dai from my eth mainnet to Gnosis:


and then from there to bsc


but now I can’t find them anymore. I’m sure I’ve messed somewhere up, but I’m kinda stuck since it says on both transaction ‘success’. That’s why I am reaching out to you guys, hoping somebody can give me a hint where those cryptoes are to be found now.

Many thanks in advance!

According to your Transaction ID above, after you successfully bridged DAI from Ethereum Network to xDai on Gnosis Chain, you then sent your xDai to the wallet address 0xA822229ce82A2C65F08Ae91F63899cAd5e53a59E , as seen by reviewing your second Transaction ID from above. Here’s the direct link to Transaction ID on the BlockScout blockchain explorer:

Do you control this wallet? If so you are good to go; that’s where your xDai is. There is a already a bit of BNB BEP20 in that wallet, as can be seen on the Smart Chain Blockchain Explorer link below:

If you don’t control that wallet by owning the Private Key or Recovery Phrase, this xDai is lost forever. Hopefully this is a wallet that you own.

If your goal is to own xDai on Binance Smart Chain, you will still need to bridge your xDai from Gnosis Chain to Smart Chain. Hope this helps!

Hi and thank you kindly for that descriptive answer, is indeed very helpful and assuring. Yes, this wallet is on my bnb (extension in brave browser) wallet, I’ll try to upload a screenshot.
Unfortunately, I cannot see my xDai there, and if I try to add it manually, it does not suggest me any xDai token. Even searching in the transactions under that wallet, I cannot see this transaction. To my logic, it should show up there, regardless if xDai is added in my token list. I do see, for example, an incoming transaction of some Pdot.io tokens (which I haven’t issued and which is under suspicion of being a phishing address)
And when looking the transaction up in MetaMask, I get a statement as shown in this link here. This really doesn’t make sense to me…

Try to review the answer above again and follow the explorer links. Your xDai is still on the xDai (Gnosis) blockchain. The identical, uniquie wallet (address, actually) exists on all blockchains. You need to change Networks in MetaMask instance to see these. Click the dropdown list and switch from Binance SmartChain MainNet or whichever network you have selected, and choose xDai. You should be good to go!