xDAI network transaction does not propagate

I use ubuntu linux bionic, parity v. 2.1.3
I have installed and started the node the following way:

#bash <(curl https://get.parity.io -L)
$git clone -b dai https://github.com/poanetwork/poa-chain-spec.git
$parity --chain /home/parity/poa-chain-spec/spec.json --reserved-peers /home/parity/poa-chain-spec/bootnodes.txt

My node is fully synced to the network. When I try to propagate a transaction, it just sits in the queue and is propagated to 0 nodes.

How to propagate a transaction?

Now Im getting the following error message:
Closing the block failed with error Error(Engine(FailedSystemCall(“Cannot decode address[]”)), State { next_error: None, backtrace: InternalBacktrace { backtrace: None } }). This is likely an error in chain specificiations or on-chain consensus smart contracts.

Thanks for the answers

Hi! Sorry about that.
Did u solve it?

No. Is there a howto about how to setup a node at Poa Network?

According to the plans a normal node must to be able to send transactions to the network even without sealer or verifyer rights like in case of Kovan doesn’t it?

You can find an instruction on how to run your own network like xDai Chain

That is right. You can get the spec file here GitHub - poanetwork/poa-chain-spec at dai