xDAI OmniBridge (TRAC -> xTRAC)

Hello…I recently tried to convert TRAC into xTRAC using the xDAI OmniBridge and it appears the transaction succeeded, but I do not see the xTRAC in my wallet. The transaction # is 0x74e488106d4e60a03b6fe2441da7bdd05fe6ab292511235aa3649be48b4d71ea. I’m getting the following message at AMB Live:

The token is in your xDai wallet. Add this custom token to your wallet: Trace Token on xDai (TRAC) - xDai - BlockScout

Hi Mojmir,

Thanks for the reply. I already had added the token to my wallet and can see some that I already have there. I also don’t see the transfer in the link you provided. It looks like the Ethereum side of things finished successfully then things stopped from there: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Oh forgot to add…I also do not see the TRAC tokens taken out of my Ethereum wallet.

Anything I can do for this or was that a wasted transaction? Should I attempt to use the xDAI omni bridge again?

Issue solved in the Discord.

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