xDai show as claimed, but not in wallet

I was sending xDai to my Binance Trustwallet account, and I didn’t have enough BNB to pay the gas. I went and added BNB, but the transaction is showing as received. It is not in my wallet. What do I do? sending Tx # 0xFc8B2690F66B46fEC8B3ceeb95fF4Ac35a0054BC
receiving # 0xf00dab4e5ba4a9f984eb516b75d5cbb8b6b82ecffc53b5d5a65d5aeb8275f53a

(Your?) originating transaction 0x7d4c09e72e5e4d2bdca1c23d899bdc56b731f2f4c212d3619dd358638eca13dc caused appearing of the transferring transaction: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan, where the receiver of tokens is 0xfc8b2690f66b46fec8b3ceeb95ff4ac35a0054bc which obviously is not your account (it matches with the DAI from BSC token contract address on the xDai chain). I don’t know why but this address was specified (by you?) as an alternative recipient address in the OB UI – you can see it in the originating transaction: Transaction 0x7d4c09e72e5e4d2bdca1c23d899bdc56b731f2f4c212d3619dd358638eca13dc - xDai Explorer.

I don’t believe I put that in there. Does that mean they went to the token add? Any way to get them back?