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xDai Stable Chain Series

The POA Product Suite

A full overview of the POA Network product suite development tools and how all the tools came together to create **xDai Stable Chain**.

xDai: The Birth of The Stable Chain

Read about the incredible xDai journey so far: how xDai was born from of a causal conversation at ETHBerlin, its adoption and usage as a peer-to-peer payment focused network with Burner Wallet, and most exciting of allm future plans with DPoS and multi-chain staking.

xDai Validators: Decentralizing Stable Chains

Read on below to find out what the ten amazing initial validators have to say about the future of xDai and why they are excited about decentralizing the stable chains.

xDai Stable Chain: Introducing the $DPOS Token and Multichain Staking

The new upgrade of xDai to POSDAO staking based consensus comes with new ideas and innovations. With the introduction of the two token model, we will have xDai and a new staking token: $DPOS. With $DPOS, users will be able to stake and delegate on xDai Stable Chain AND all other xStableChains launched. Read more about $DPOS , Multichain Staking, Delegating, Pools and the building blocks of stablechains .

Connect with xDai Communities:

Community Link
Twitter https://twitter.com/xdaichain
Telegram Announcements https://t.me/xdai_official
Telegram Public Chat https://t.me/xdaistable
Discord https://discord.gg/HmffjbF
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