XDai, Sushi token and Omnibridge, resulting in users being left with a useless token

Hi, had multiple reports of people being left a with a useless token, after bridging from xDai to BSC.

People bridging Sushi end up with: SushiToken on xDai on BSC (SUSHI)(SushiToken on xDai on BSC (SUSHI) Token Tracker | BscScan)

When they should get: Binance-Peg SushiToken (SUSHI)(

I thought they didn’t understand what a pegged token was, but there is an issue.
Is the issue that there are two Sushi tokens on xDai?

blockscout /xdai/mainnet/tokens/0x2995D1317DcD4f0aB89f4AE60F3f020A4F17C7CE/token-transfers
blockscout /xdai/mainnet/tokens/0x9d68Cb703D1DECceF3A6ec81F7bB25a6129ddeF3/token-transfers
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What is the solution here, and who to contact?

It is because the SUSHI token that you find on BSC is a Binance-Peg token. Binance-Peg tokens are assets in the custody of the Binance exchange. The SUSHI from the mainnet is a different instance of the SUSHI token so these two tokens are not mutually compatible.

The solution can be swapping the Sushi token on xDai (SushiToken on xDai (SUSHI) - xDai - BlockScout) to wxDai on any xDai DEX and then using Component (Component) to get Binance Peg DAI or USDC. Then you can bridge these tokens to BSC, there will be a plenty of liquidity for them there.

Yes, it is an additional step but the fees on xDai are almost non-existent.

You basically just gave me the same answer I gave them, would you look at it, and give it a test?

Much love.

Look at what, please?