xDai to Dai matic network

Sooo I tried to get my DAI to matic network with as low fees as possible.
I followed this thread;

go to to bridge your XDAI tokens to MATIC network.

after this I have no Idea where the tokens went.
I see that xDAI was sent, but I don’t see DAI on my matic network. The balance is 0.

What do?

Well after two hours not thinking straight I managed to find that I send them to a wrong address.
Well… whatcha gonna do.
I don’t even know how I got put that address in the first place.

Do you have access to this address? Anyway, xpollinate bridge is not supported on this forum but here: Connext

no I have not. so someone now got a gift from me for about 1k DAI.
I hope he uses it well.
I’m a bit new to this DeFi stuff and trying to figure it out.

xpollinate sends funds from one chain to another chain via bridge. In the bridge they use 2 addresses, so on xpollinate you say cross chain xDai to BSC and we click swap. From there your funds first go to a Channel which has a normal address, then to a second channel and then to the wallet where you want it. You can trace your Dai from where it left your wallet. Go look in the bridge channels. It might be stuck in the bridge. I had funds stuck before. A lot of point of failure. Earlier today Polygon disabled some of their bridges, safety reasons. Look for xpollinate on discord, then you can chat with them and they reply quick.