xDai Wallets: Nifty Wallet

Nifty Wallet

Wallet Type: Web based wallet and browser extension.

Description: Nifty Wallet is a Google Chrome extension providing native support for the xDai Stable Chain amongst other networks including Ethereum mainnet and POA Network. Nifty Wallet can be used to easily create xDai and Ethereum compatible wallet addresses, send and receive tokens, and interact with DApps right from the browser.

Use Cases: Nifty Wallet is an extension for accessing DApps on the browser directly. Similar to MetaMask, users can select different networks, including xDai Stable Chain, from a dropdown containing other various networks including POA Core and Ethereum mainnet. Nifty Wallet also allows interaction with Ethereum smart contracts directly from the browser. External resources like MyEtherWallet or MyCrypto are no longer required to interact with smart contracts — executions can be signed right in the wallet.

Real-world feedback:

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Hi, I downloaded the nifty wallet and after some trial and error, I learned how to be able to convert dai to xdai. But, now Im having all kinds of issues with it. The conversions using token bridge don’t work anymore, no matter how high gas fees I accept or even move up. It just sits there waiting for confirmations and nothing happens. I also cant send anything out of there, I have some Dai tokens in there, and since i cant convert, I was just going to move them back, but it won’t let me. Every time i try to make a payment, it takes me through all the steps offers me the option to “SUBMIT” and when i hit it it looks like its working and then just disappears with all the Dai still in place. Any ideas? or who I can contact for support?

thank you

Do you have a transaction ID? You can DM me if you don’t want to put it public.

I don’t actually have transaction IDs as it never goes through. I was successfully able to withdraw and move xDai to another wallet, but the Conversion from Dai to Xdai U using (TokenBridge) is not working, it looks for confirmations, but never actually starts and simple transfer of Dai to another wallet, doesn’t seem to work either. It does what I described in the initial post, I could provide you with my wallet addresses to Dai and Xdai accounts in my nifty wallet if that helps


Sure, please DM me your address.

ETH / xDai: 0x243b70641d0c63e8d81ac2F8091467204420C58d
Dai: 0x6B175474E89094C44Da98b954EedeAC495271d0F

I sent you a direct message on xdaichain.com thx